Knights Lose to Highlanders, 7-14


Dylan Maynard, Reporter

Tensions were high on Friday, November 9, where fans of both the Knights and the Highlanders knew that this could very well be their team’s last game of the season. The air was heavy that night at Bob Sang field, with nervous parents, peers, and football fans of all kinds watched in eager anticipation. After a close game, our Knights came home with a loss of seven points, allowing the Highlanders to advance into the playoff game against Spring Valley, who crushed Spring Mills 77-7.

When the game started, the intensity of the players on the field was overwhelming. Highlanders tight end Bruce Damous scored first after a four-yard jaunt with 2:02 left in the first quarter, and Huntington kicked a good conversion, giving them a 7-0 lead over our Knights. Huntington advanced their lead, now 14-0, with 6:43 left in the second quarter when Diallo Mitchell sprinted 39 yards into our end zone. The Knights eventually scored with 6:55 left in the game when Griffin Adkins ran around the left end, and then cut back right for a 29-yard touchdown.

Neither team scored after this, but rather fumbled repeatedly and threw several incomplete passes until the timer sealed our Knights’ doom. When asked about our loss to the Highlanders, freshman Max Nibert said he was, “… pretty disappointed. I thought we had this one in the bag after our win over them in the regular season, but I guess we just didn’t have what it took. I know we’ll get them next year, though.”

Although we were beaten, the Knights played to the best of their ability on Friday, and we know they will play even harder next year, motivated to make their way into the quarterfinals. This clash of the titans of Cabell County will be remembered for its tremendous importance and close nature.

This is Dylan Maynard, Medieval Times.