Bar Shooting


Jared Pullen

About a week ago, a gunman, which the police identified as a man named Ian David Long, entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, and proceeded to shoot at the patrons. 12 people, most being between the ages of eighteen and twenty, were killed that day, which then Ian proceeded to shoot himself.

With a horrific event such as this, people have two different sides – one for increased protection via guns, and others creating more strict gun laws.

“I believe that both sides are stupid, ” says senior Troy Adkins, “the answer is not more guns, that will cause more problems, but neither is less guns, since criminals can get them in other ways.”

There wasn’t much when asked what kind of solution could solve this problem. “There is no solution, ” Troy said, “shooting will keep on happening, no matter what. People will find a way.”

In events like these, people usually follow one side or the other, more or less guns. “Like I said before, both sides are stupid, ” Troy said, “more guns will cause more shootings, and less guns means we have our rights taken. I don’t want to find myself on either of those sides.”

Personally, with events like these, more precautions can be made, but nothing will work either way. Giving civilians a better way to access guns means, without proper training, more people can get hurt, or more shootings can happen. On the other hand, less guns means we are less likely to protect ourselves in the case of a shooter with a gun. All that we can hope for is the perfect solution.