Holiday Depreciation

Josiah Royer, Staff Reporter

Over the years, Christmas and Thanksgiving have become a routine type of holidays. Nobody seems to appreciate the legitimate reasons we celebrate, and we take these occasions for granted.

“Even though we celebrate Thanksgiving for being thankful for what we have, it has been trivialized because we now ignore the negative historical impact it had on Native American people,” said Senior Dylan Shaffer.

Thanksgiving is a time to realize what you are thankful for and is also a time to give back. Although you may not see it, people you see everyday might not have families to go home to or feasts to celebrate upon on the holidays.

“Honestly, I think that it’s questionable about what the meaning of Christmas is to Atheists and people with different beliefs. Christians and people with similar religion believe that Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’s birth and to celebrate Christ. However, what does the holiday mean to the others who don’t believe?” said Junior Hillary Sing.

Christmas tends to be viewed as a religious holiday, but that isn’t always true for everyone. Christmas is a time to get together with ones whom you care about and give as well. Christmas is thought to be about celebrating Jesus’s birth and love, and also seems to others as a cultural and religious holiday. Although that may be true for some, Christmas has a multifaceted meaning.

People are inclined to ignore the true meanings of the holidays and stress themselves out about buying gifts and making sure that everything is picture perfect. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and aunts and uncles teach their children that there’s a magical tale about Christmas instead of teaching the true meaning. Children may grow up to be entitled and selfish because of some of the things they were taught.

     With the holidays getting closer, try to take a step back and realize that you need to appreciate what you have and that you might need to give more.