Midland’s Thoughts on the Pledge and Alma Mater


Dylan Jenkins

Midland’s Flag 2018

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

­Every morning, without fail, Midland’s announcements begin with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Many students stand up and recite the words. However, many also do not. The same goes for the weekly singing of the Alma Mater on Friday.

91% of students polled claim they stand for the pledge every morning at Midland. However, only 69% claim they actually recite the words. Isn’t it strange they feel the need to stand if they aren’t saying the words? Is it just out of respect.

Well, yes.

“I just stand to be respectful,” said an anonymous source. “I haven’t actually said the words for about four years, honestly.”

40% of students polled claimed they stand for the alma mater. Of the amount of students that claimed they do, at least half of them are in choir programs that require them to sing the alma mater every week. Why do we feel the need to stand for the pledge, but not the alma mater?

When polled, 67% percent of students claimed their SHIELD classes do not stand for either occasion… Strange.

What do you do during the pledge and alma mater?