Thanksgiving Break


Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and Midland students of all ages have their weeks already planned out!

After polling different students, the conclusions have been reached that only 29% of these students are leaving town for break. When asked, students often claim they are visiting family.

“I go visit my mom’s grandparents,” said junior, Michael Smith.

When asked, 81% of Midland students claimed they believe Thanksgiving is not a time to spend with just family, but with friends, too! They also expressed some of the traditions they share with their friends and family.

“We make pumpkin pie cupcakes!” said junior, Katie Gaddy.

“My family watches a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special and a lot of football,” said junior, Meredith Mears.

“I get pumpkin-shaped donuts from Jolly Pirates,” said junior, Brooke Powers.

What do you think?