The Phone Policy

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

At some schools the students can have their phones but in others such as at Cabell Midland the students cannot have their phones out at all or else you can/could get them taken and even in trouble f0r having the phones out in the first place.

“They should change it back to how last year was with students being allowed to have their phones at breakfast, lunch, and even during certain classes but now students can’t have their phones out no matter what or else they can and will get them taken.” Eighth-Grader Ethan Nelson. “Now having a phone at school can be detrimental like say there’s an emergency with your family or something and your parents and or guardians are trying to get ahold of you but can’t reach you due to the new phone policy and the office might be more busy than usual and they can’t get ahold of the office to have them call you down so you can talk to them.”

“So then you’re stuck between not knowing what’s happening or you could get your phone out but have a risk of getting into trouble over making sure everything is fine outside of school.” Nelson. “If I was a teacher than I would let the students have their phones out and especially if it was over an emergency not just the parent or guardian wanting to know something less important than the class that the student is in, I think that the board of education should discuss this and discuss the schedule changes.”