The Forest Fires in California

If you’ve been paying attention to the news you would see that there seems to be a never ending amount of fires going on in California that are just heartbreaking. These fires are practically taking over California. The most recent one in Paradise, California has become the deadliest in the states history. So far at least 44 people have died from the “Camp Fire”. Over 20,000 structures have been hurt chewing up over 100,00 acres. The wildfires are becoming so bad they even impacted the 49ers-Giants game. By the fires being near the region it made the index in the stadium be at a high of  161 and smoke smell was present. If the index would have gotten any higher the game would of been shut down. These fires are out of control. “It honestly breaks my heart to see such a beautiful state go through this”, says senior Hailey Stombock. “All we can do is send our thoughts and prayers their way along with as much help we can send”, says senior Taylor Turman. This is overwhelming I’m sure for the people down there and people who have families down there. This is my dream state and has been ever since I was little which is why it hits me at home.