Cleaning steps


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lee, reporter

Cleaning steps

With holidays being just around the corner that means that there could be people coming to your house. And if your parents are anything like mine they will make you clean the whole house before family and friends show up. If you follow their simple steps made by cleaning professionals, then it could result in a faster and detailed process.

  1. Declutter. Encourage everyone in the house to get in the habit of picking up out-of-place items and putting them where they belong throughout the day.
  2. Wipe Down Surfaces. Stay on top of grime and bacteria by wiping down all sinks and counters in the bathroom. Don’t forget kitchen counters and appliances after each meal. Mr. Clean Antibacterial Multi-Purpose cleaner is a great option for this.
  3. Clear Out the Entryway. Hang up any keys and dog leashes, put away all shoes, and…is that a down coat on the rack in June? Thin out the hooks and racks and closet items that are out of season.
  4. Clean the Screens. Dust particles are attracted to TV screens and computer monitors. Take dust out of the picture with Swiffer Dusters. Just be sure to turn off all electronics before dusting.
  5. Deal with the Dishes. Cleanliness in the kitchen starts with a clean sink and countertop. Stay on top of dish dilemmas with the “straight to the dishwasher” rule. Skip the sink soak and try Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent.
  6. Sweep After Meals. Take a quick minute with Swiffer Sweep + Vac and round up crumbs in both the eating and cooking areas. It’ll make the detail work much easier in the long run.
  7. Tame the Laundry Monster. Keep the laundry mountain manageable by throwing a load in before you leave in the morning. Dry during dinner prep and fold it immediately after clean up. Check all rooms for stray articles that didn’t make it into the basket and start building your next load.

The steps and details above were provided by Swiffer makes some of the best cleaning equipment so I would recommend following these steps for a clean and great looking home.