What To Do On Your First Snow Day


Maddy Adkins, Staff Reporter

Almost everyone loves snow days. It’s a day to relax and be lazy in the comfort of your warm home while a little bit of Christmas falls upon your lawn.

Students and teachers alike love to be able to have a break from the work and cold weather by staying at home. Not only can you stay home and sleep in, but there are many other activities you can do to stay entertained with your family.

Many people like to dress up in winter gear and create activities in the snow. From snow angels, to snowmen and snowball fights, the possibilities are endless.

Other people, like my grandmother, like to make crafts or sweets. My grandmother love to crochet blankets and toboggans. She also loves to make cookies for the children to decorate and devour.

One thing that many people enjoy doing during their days off, especially in cold Christmas-like weather, is watch a bunch of Christmas movies. When I was younger, me and my friends used to always have Christmas movie marathons.

Snow days are amazing.