Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

People get offended when others celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, but why is that? Why do people care so much about what others do?

“Thanksgiving deserves its time to be a holiday, Christmas should not over shadow Thanksgiving,” said Junior Hannah Tomes.

“People should wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas,” Junior Morgan Nelson said.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, so why ignore an amazing holiday you spend with family and eat food? The thing is you don’t get presents.

Do presents matter so much to people? Why not stop and give thanks?

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. To celebrate the man that died for our sins.

Christmas is an amazing holiday. but that doesn’t mean it should be over shadowing any other amazing holidays.

The verdict is that all holidays are beautiful ands people probably put up Christmas decorations so early because it’s such a happy holiday and it brings joy to so many peoples lives.

So people should just be able to do what they want no matter if people hate it. It’s your choice to put up whatever decorations you want outside and inside your house and property.

Spending so much money for Christmas decorations could make a person want to put them up earlier, so they get all for what they paid for.