Online Homework


Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

Teachers or any other faculty member that takes part in our education can and will assign homework online without asking if the students have access to a computer and or other device to access the homework.

“Online homework is just another way for failure among students. Some students can’t and don’t have access to a device after school due to an assortment of things from maybe poverty to denied access from parents or any other guardian at the home.” Eight-Grader Ethan Nelson. “I for one haven’t had access to a computer for my assigned online math homework so I had a low grade in that class when report cards came out.”

“Teachers don’t think to ask whether us students have access to a computer or a device of any sort for homework and or work online before they assign it.” Nelson. “They assign it and expect the work to be done on that date that it’s due, to get online for the work some students can’t get on to do it and it’s proven or seems to me that half or almost half of the students at school don’t have access to a working computer and can’t run out to a library or somewhere to do the work so they don’t do it and get a zero while the ones who have access to a device get a good, decent grade on the work that was assigned.”

“Whenever we do have access to computers at school it’s usually for that class that we are in not for another class.” Nelson.