Students Lose Streaks After Leaving Their Phones in Their Bags During The Fire

Students Lose Streaks After Leaving Their Phones in Their Bags During The Fire

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

On Thursday, November 1st the school unexpectedly caught on fire. Most people were stressed out by not having their phones with them.

A few students who did have their phones let other students use their phones to call their parents.

“I was a little worried at first because I was right near the class that the fire started in,” Junior Victoria Harris said, “I had my phone with me because I make sure to keep it with me in case of emergencies.”

“I didn’t have my phone or my house key and I was really worried about the kids in the daycare,” said Junior Katie Gaddy. Since Gaddy didn’t have a house key she had to go home with me.

After the buses came, picked up everyone, then left the students were allowed to go into the school and get their belongings.

“I wasn’t informed that I could get my belongings, so I waited until the next day to get my things,” Gaddy said.

“The school probably didn’t tell us so there wouldn’t be any panic and we were always told to take fire drills seriously,” Harris said.

“Next time there is a real fire the teachers should be informed to take the students further away from the school, once they get out,” Harris said.

“They should have let us grab our bags before we got out of the school and  I didn’t like how they made us sit on the wet bleachers,” Gaddy said.

The fire drill was just a big hassle and everyone was stressing out on what to do. There should have been a better way to get everyone around and keep them safe.