Driving in slick roads

Driving in slick roads

Zac Backus, Reporter

Winter is one of those months where you either love it or hate it. Here in Ona we tend to get pretty chilly and the roads tend to get pretty slick.

“I love winter, the snow can be really fun and I love getting out my winter clothes.” Said senior Brady Adkins. “Not too big of a fan of the slick roads though.”

The roads are already not the best for most students, and when they get slick it can be even more dangerous.

“My older brother is a pretty good driver, but the ice on the road scares me sometimes.” said freshman Isabella Backus.

Students are advised to drive slower and not be so risky because of the colder weather.

“I trust he wont crash us, he knows how to drive right.” said Backus.

Here at the Medieval times wish everyone safe travels and please go slower and not be so risky! Happy winter to all!