Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Break


Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

This is the time of year when family and friends come together and give thanks for all they are thankful for. There are multiple ways to do with your family and friends over the Thanksgiving break.

There are multiple activities to do with family and friends like charades, setting up a christmas tree and decorations for some since there will be family and friends to help put everything up, sitting around and watching whatever game is on, a scavenger hunt, even volunteering to serve dinner at a local shelter for those who don’t have what others have and many other activities to do and be apart of.

“I think Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the family and friends that you might not always see or spend time with usually.” Senior/Elder Charlotte Smith. “Maybe you could just sit around watching a movie or a game of a certain sport while eating pizza with the ones you love instead of having a big dinner, it’s not about the food but is all about spending time with everyone like friends and family.”

“I think that volunteering and having your family volunteer along side you at a shelter especially those that have had everything handed to them and don’t know what it’s like for others is a great way to spend time together and show them what the actual world is like.” Smith. “Overall it’s just a time to be thankful for everything like food on the table because some maybe most families/people don’t have it.”