Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

In our ever-changing life there has been an exceedingly high development in technology leading us to a future that could but also could not be as bright as one can imagine.

“I think that in today’s society technology is a big part in everyone’s life not just for games but also for jobs and even at school. Technology is also a large issue with the younger children and young adults from becoming addicted to getting into car crashes due to having to look at a phone whenever it goes off or makes any type of sound or noise.” Mark Nelson. “When I was younger I didn’t have any of those devices that kids and adults nowadays have and I refuse to believe that they ‘need’ them. Now I have children and three of them I don’t have to worry about but the youngest one I do, he seems to be addicted with any and every single device imaginable, he cannot seem to stay off of them.”

“It has gotten so bad that I had to take the game system that he had away due to the behavior change that he has gone through and how he has become angrier and more hostile. I believe that technology is changing the children and some young adults for the worse.” Nelson.

“I completely agree with what Mark has said I was there when his son got the game system and I have seen the change in behavior that his son has had and I also believe that technology is leading to the downfall of intelligence of the new generations now and to come.” Senior/Elder Charlotte Smith.