The Christmas Play

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Cabell Midland is having its annual Christmas play on Monday, Dec. 3rd at 12:30 in the auditorium. Tickets will be on sale Monday during both lunches for only three dollars.

The students in theater class have been working hard to produce this year’s play called “Scrooge’s Christmas”. Junior Bridget Rajarajan says the most rewarding thing about being in theater class is getting to participate in the productions.

“My favorite thing about theater is that I get to participate in all the amazing plays we do and I get to live out my dream of being an actress,” said Rajarajan.

The 2016 Christmas play was also based on “A Christmas Carol” and 2017 was an adaptation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

“If I could do anything for the Christmas play I would like to do an original play that we could write ourselves,” said Rajarajan. “That would be super cool.”

One of the advantages of being in theater class is getting to have acting experience which is important for someone planning to pursue a career in the fine arts. It can also build communication skills and presentation skills. However, it also has its disadvantages, and a lot of hard work is required.

“A downside of being in theater is staying after school for long hours to practice for the plays. I had to stay until 9:00 today,” said Rajarajan.

Out of all the performances each year, the Christmas play is probably the most highly anticipated one, and an added bonus to watching the play is getting out of class.

“The play we’re working on right now is my favorite one so far! It’s been really good, we’ve got amazing actors, and it’s a wonderful story. Come and watch it Monday, you won’t regret it,” said Rajarajan.