A Very Merry Christmas To Do List

Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

Deck the halls with the perfect list this year. Christmas is the time of year families and friends get together and celebrate the new comings and the old comings and let’s not forget the main reason Jesus. I guaranty you will have a very merry christmas this year if you do go on with the list.

The first step you must do is get decorations, decorations is a great start with any gathering and let’s not forget the tree, the tree is one of the most important decorations to have in your home or apartment. The second step is to get started on the traditional homemade food recipes to make that feeling more welcome all around. I recommend a good baked honey ham with some mashed potatoes and homemade stuffing with a glass of eggnog.

The third step to do is bring out the christmas clothing like sweaters, hats, and pajamas to be seen as festive and another very important thing is to be very joyful and happy because you are gathering with your closest friends and family to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The fourth step to do is make a playlist, a christmas playlist along with any other playlist is a perfect way to get in the mood for any event/holiday. The fifth thing to do is create a gift list for all of the people and animals, if you’re an animal lover, everyone and thing that you love to make them feel special and loved. The sixth and final step is to be jolly and giving for those who don’t have a lot, after all Jesus gave his life for us.