Christmas Movies


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Within the final weeks leading up to Christmas, many old and famous movies begin to appear again for their special time during the holidays. There are many movies that people watch with their families as tradition or just to enjoy the season.

“Home Alone”, was made in 1990. The plot included a young boy being left home alone away from his family and having to protect his house from burglars since then the movie has become a classic Christmas movie we watched as kids.

“The Santa Clause”, made in 1994, follows a simple man spending Christmas Eve with his son until he takes the new position as Santa Clause. There has been two other movies in the series made with the last one being made in 2006.

“Dr.Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, is a very well-known movie in both the book and the movies. As of this year, there has been an animated version made in 1966, a live action movie featuring Jim Carrey in 2000, and a new Grinch movie made in November, 2018.

Many students feel strongly about certain movies that gives them a good laugh or sentimental feelings about Christmas.

Senior Elizabeth Ross, gives her opinion on why “Elf” is one of her favorite Christmas movies.

“What’s funnier to see than a big old elf lost in New York City?”, said Ross.

Another comedic Christmas movie is “National Lampoon Christmas”, which shows the destructive chaos Christmas brings for the Griswold family with their hilarious relatives being brought in.

Perhaps one of the oldest Christmas stories is a “Christmas Carol”, published in 1843, by Charles Dickens and since then has become a Christmas legend with many versions of movies being made over time.

Christmas offers the best movies to watch with family and get into the mood through the classic and new movies that are always a nice tradition.