Knights, Camera, Action! Cabell Midland’s Theatre Group


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Cabell Midland’s theatre group is a blossoming group. Director, Mr. James, is trying to make students see the theatre group more seriously. Starting from the Christmas play performed this year, “Mr. Scrooge’s Christmas.”

This year there are two theatre classes. Both classes are filled with so much talent. “I love being in theatre class! I have got to make amazing new friends who I really get to be myself around!” Sophomore Lexi Bart said.

The play had amazing actors and everyone performed amazingly. “I played Fred’s wife in the play, but I was upset that I was only in one scene,” Bart said, “I was originally going to audition for Fanny, but then I made a last minute decision to audition for Fred’s Wife.”

The theatre kids had oodles of fun practicing and performing the play, even though they were all pretty nervous to perform, they were still very proud of themselves in the end. “I had so much fun during the days we had theatre practice after school, it really helped me bond with the other actors in the play and we all became really good friends and got to know each other a little better,” Bart said.

The next play will be Legally Blonde and the theatre classes are overjoyed for that play. All of them are ready to audition for parts and start working on that play. “I love performing and I think it’s because I”m overdramatic, but at least I can be over dramatic in theatre. class and it would make sense!” Bart said, “I’m definitely excited to do Legally Blonde, I feel like everyone at school will really enjoy it too.”

All the talented students in theatre deserve to be appreciated for all of their hard work. Director, Mr. James, is an amazing teacher who made all of this possible. He is letting many kids show their talents and helping them express themselves in the way they love most.