TED Talks


Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Students in Ms.Parent’s Creative Writing class presented TED Talks to their peers this past week. Many students were thrilled to share what they knew about their topics, but many others weren’t so sure about what they could passionately speak on.

Some of the passion-filled topics students chose were:


1. Save the Not-So-Cute Animals, Too!

One student, who one day aspires to become a marine biologist, spoke to the class about people always wanting to save cute endangered creatures, like koalas or panda bears. However, many species that are less cute, like the common bumblebee or the blobfish, are often left in the dark.


2. Why Sierra Burgess Is Such A Horrible Person

Another student explained the plotline of Netflix’s original movie, Sierra Burgess is a Loser and then explained¬†(without spoiling the movie) why the main character is actually a horrible person that should never have been praised¬†as much as she has been.


3. You Speak Mexican?

A student that speaks Spanish as a first language took up this topic to show how uncultured average people can be. By showing how often the minority gets asked questions like, “Do you speak Mexican?” or “Are you from Mexico?” the student revealed to the majority how ridiculous we all sound when we ask if people speak a certain language.


4. Can Teenage Guys and Girls Really Just Be Friends?

A student presented to the class real-life research statistics she provided from her own polls on social media that showed most teens agree- guys and girls can just be friends. However, it seems society thinks differently. Through her TED Talk, she presented different statistics from people just like you that helped her show how twisted the world perceives things as a whole.


5. Grammar and Why It’s Important

Through this TED Talk, the presenter showed why the usage of correct grammar is necessary for every day living. Throughout the talk, the student used examples to drive the point home, showing that even though we often use slang and texting lingo more than formal writing throughout life, grammar is absolutely necessary.


These students had a blast giving their TED Talks to the class and would love to know: What would your TED Talk be about?