Social Media & The Newspaper


Sites like above allow users to manage a public identity while expanding their ideas and enhancing creativity.

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Many people in the newspaper staff room have come to the realization that many people don’t read the online newspaper simply because its a hassle to try and get onto and find what you really want from a mobile device.

An idea had sprung up that the Cabell Midland newspaper could use an update of sorts. The newspaper could not only have the paper, but also have social media accounts across multiple platforms. Which platforms to choose? There are so many!



Yes, Facebook is a bit outdated for the current generation, the Instagram and Snapchat whizzes. However, many parents of students still use Facebook and would be able to keep up with everything going on within the school through a simple Facebook page.



Instagram may not be the most popular platform anymore, but it’s still pretty high up on the list. The only question that remains is: what would the paper post about? They’d post about the latest stories! Using featured images, a quick caption, and a link to the site! Done! Students could even send in recommendations to the paper for what people should cover-football games, homecoming, prom, community service, tips for travelling, etc.



Snapchat is the most popular and ever-growing social media app to date. Since its release, there has been nonstop growth for the company and students are constantly using the app. the only issue is: how would this work for the paper? Would multiple people run the account and post on the story constantly? Would we put up posters in the hall with the account’s scanner for all to find?



What do you think about the newspaper having social media?