The Ideal Way to Spend the Month of December

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

As I would think most people love Christmas time. There is so many things this month is full of. Christmas, snow, break, and the end of the year which means a new start. Christmas is my personal favorite because it brings your family and friends close. There is also so many activities to do during this time Christmas lights, gingerbread house making, decorating, Christmas dinners, ugly Christmas sweater parties, and giving. I also love that it is the ending and beginning of a new year. It’s like ending the year with a bang while going into the new year. I asked a few friends what they thought about this time of the year and their favorite part. “I love spending time with my friends and family”, says senior Hailey Stombock. I couldn’t agree with her more that is honestly one of the best parts. “I love going ice skating and seeing lights”, says senior Trinity Casto. These are the many reasons and ways to spend the best time of the year.