Finals Week


Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Finals week is coming up soon which means many students around the school are already stressing out and struggling to cram in study time.

Most students can agree that finals week is probably the most chaotic week of every school year. Junior Amber Mount shared her thoughts and some of her strategies for overcoming the week everyone dreads.

“The most stressful thing for me during finals week is studying,” said Mount.

There are many different tactics for studying and different ways work better for different people. Some prefer flash cards while others use Quizlet or just the classic way of reading over their study guide until they memorize the material. Many times it can be hard for people to study because of distractions, and a lot of students believe they shouldn’t be given so much stuff to study in the first place.

“If I could change something about finals week, I would make there be less questions on every test so we don’t have an overload of things to study for,” said Mount.

Another issue with finals week is the AP classes, which can often prove to be difficult. They usually require more studying than regular classes which can cause an equally higher amount of stress for students.

“I think my hardest final this semester is going to be AP Psychology,” said Mount.

A lot of people want to know what the best strategies for doing well on their finals are, and everyone has their tips and tricks that work best for them.

“My advice for people wanting to do well is to study as much as you can. It really pays off in the end,” said Mount.