Holiday Activities 2018


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

During the holidays many families have certain places where they visit to see holiday activities, such as lights and parades. There are many nearby areas around Milton and Barboursville that have Christmas related activities to enjoy with friends and family.

Most of the activities or events usually last from the day after Thanksgiving to the week after Christmas, depending on the city/town. It is always good to travel outside local areas and experience other parades and lights from other places.

  1. Ashland, KY- One of the well-known events, as the Winter Wonderland’s lights will have officially become a 30 year tradition as of 2018. Located in the Ashland city park.


  1. Charleston, WV- During December 8th there is a lighted boat parade on the Kanawha River, as well as the days following a parade in South Charleston and Nitro.


  1. Gallipolis, OH – On December 8th. Gallipolis starts to embrace the holidays by setting lights near the riverfront, followed by a Christmas parade the day after.


  1. Portsmouth, OH – The annual Jaycee’s parade  begins on December 15th that lasts for roughly two and a half hours


There are still many ways to see Christmas lights for the holidays, and one of the easiest and faster methods of sightseeing is talking to neighbors or nearby residents to see what neighborhood has a collection of houses with Christmas lights.

Without Christmas lights there are still local areas that celebrate through parades such as Huntington on December 10th.

Many local communities in cities or neighborhoods, always get together during this time of year to set and plan for new lights and festivities.

Most of the Christmas events are always interesting to see as it changes throughout the years, in Ashland for example, for people who do not wish to walk around the block. Trains are now used to ride with their family to experience the lights.