is School in Morgantown Better than Huntington?

is School in Morgantown Better than Huntington?

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Most of the kids in Cabell Midland haven’t known another high school than our own. Is our school very different than other schools?

Junior Asritha Sure from Morgantown High School says she loves her school, “There is a lot of diversity, it’s pretty awesome.” This is unlike Cabell Midland that has no diversity, “I have a lot of different ethnicities in my friend group! I have friends from Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, India Indonesia, and more!”

In Cabell Midland, there is a big epidemic of vaping. Girls and boys both vape in bathrooms and you can see the smoke coming from the bathrooms. “A lot of kids vape in the bathrooms. There are also kids who come to class high,” Sure said.

Morgantown High School is a big school like Cabell Midland their school has about 1,800 students like Cabell Midland has 1,900.

“The teachers are probably my favorite part of MHS. There’s a lot of really smart educated teachers who really know their stuff. All the AP teachers I’ve had so far are really good at preparing us for the AP exams. It’s amazing, their passion for teaching and their hard work shows off,” Sure said. At Cabell Midland we do not have a French class, but a lot of students are interested in taking a Frech class, so it would be nice if our school had a French class. At least we have a Japenese class that a lot of students are interested in.

“Honestly, I love my school, Sure other schools may be richer and stuff, but I’ve got some amazing teachers here tha tI love and a lot of friends. There’s not much discrimination or bullyingnin our school, and it’s really nice. there’s also a lot of opportunities too, academically and otherwise,” Sure said.

Both schools are very different with different opportunities. Whichever school you go to is proabaly the best school for you. The different people you meet and the different adventures you take are meant for you.