Tips for Story Writing

Ruth Brown, reporter

Writing stories is one of the most creative things a person can do. It can show their imaginations. They can also show their feelings through what they write. These are three tips for starting to write a story.

1.Make a Plot Line

The plot of the story is one of the most important, if not, THE most important thing to have in a story. If a story does not have a plot line, how will a story be written? They cannot. Its practically impossible. Sometimes, there are even many plots on one story, in others, there are many. Having a plot is the most important thing to have when writing a story.

2.Create Characters

What is a story without some type of characters? Whether they are people or animals, there is a need to have subjects in the story. There must be a main character and some secondary characters. Use your imagination to figure out the appearance and personality of the character. Draw them if you can. Pick out the best names for them, because it will stay with them the whole book.

3.Pick a Great Title

The title can tell a lot about what the book is about. The title can be the theme or what the story is about. The title will be known for as long as the book is around.


Here is an excerpt from a story I have written:

“What She Thinks is Normal” by R. A. Brown

“Why would you even try to shoot me? You hid things from me so I paid you back. I don’t deserve to be like this but here I am; I am choosing to live like this. You deserve to be in this condition. You deserve to die the way mom and dad did,” Lillie growls.

A nurse comes in and sees Lillie, “Are you Alli’s Sister?”

“Yes I am.”

“Your sister is dying. The bullet which she was shot with is lodged in her lung. If we did an operation, she will die…”

…The nurse leaves Lillie alone with Alli.

“I hope you rot in hell with mom and dad,” Lillie says without regret.