MLB Opening Day


Alec Bentley

To begin the 2019 MLB season, the commissioner decided to experiment with an alternate location for the first game. The Seattle Mariners play against the Oakland Athletics at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on March 20. In Japan, they have their own professional baseball league, but the MLB is attempting to explore their cultural outlooks by playing their first game in Japan. The Japanese professional league has provided the MLB with quite a few good players. For example, Ichiro Suzuki and Shohei Ohtani who both are very good baseball players. Ichiro has the potential to be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Ohtani is a new up-coming player who just completed his rookie season in 2018. He fought through a few minor injuries to complete the 2018 with good statistics for a rookie. I believe that the MLB is not trying to downgrade the Japanese professional league by playing in Japan. However, I think they are trying to boost the amount of fans who watch the Japanese league by televising a MLB game located in their city. The Tokyo Dome is located in downtown Tokyo and provides a large amount of seating for the fans who choose to attend the games there. This MLB game gives many Japanese citizens an opportunity to attend a US professional baseball game and experience the game of baseball through different teams and players. I believe the choice to play Opening Day in Japan is a very good marketing decision for the MLB. This game will boost the amount of income for the MLB and the Japanese professional league. In the future, I believe that the MLB will hold their Opening Day in different locations across the globe to increase the amount of fans they have all over the world. Thus, spreading the love of the great game of baseball all across the world.