Ways to Study for Finals

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Finals week is upon us which means many students are probably stressed and overloaded with a bunch of work. Here are some simple techniques for studying for finals that are sure to help you get a passing score!

1. Quizlet
This website is super easy to use and there’s even an app for it! If you don’t have time to write out your own flashcards, Quizlet helps a lot, and you can find almost any subject or topic on there to study.

2. Flashcards
If you prefer studying the old-fashioned way, writing out some flashcards is a great way to memorize things like vocab terms.

3. Study Guide
Not every teacher gives out a study guide, but when they do, it’s very helpful. Copying something down trains your brain to remember it, so if you’re given a study guide, be sure to fill it out.

4. Looking over your notes
For some people, just reading over the material multiple times is enough for them to memorize it. Chewing gum or listening to music while you do so is also said to be helpful.

5. Remove distractions
While this isn’t exactly a specific study technique, it makes the way you study more effective. Going in a quiet room and resisting the urge to get on your phone can make a big difference.

These are five easy ways to study for finals that will hopefully be useful to some people! Good luck everyone and be sure to try your best!