New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

Each time a year ends a new one begins. Some people believe that it’s the beginning of new things, others believe that to have a good year one must have a list of things they want to happen in order for it to be a good year like for example losing weight. Throughout the winter people tend to gain some ‘fur’ from all of the dinners and family events taking place during the cold cold weather.

Many would like to lose weight so they decide for their ‘resolution’ to lose weight or start eating healthier, others think that to come upon wealth or to have money in the new year that you have to eat cabbage on new year’s to receive it. Mainly one who has a resolution usually has the desire to change ones own behavior or a trait, to accomplish a personal goal, and/or to improve their lives.

“I believe that it is for luck to eat cabbage on new years not so much for money but for luck.” Senior/Elder Charlotte Smith. “There are so many different goals that people wants to accomplish verses what all or most of them actually accomplish which is none.

“I don’t think there is anything to it about eating cabbage on new year’s.” Eighth-Grader Ethan Nelson. “I never have a resolution because there would be no point in wishing and wanting for something to change when it has never changed before that’s my take on it.”

Many have their own opinions on how they feel about the new year’s resolutions. Most of those are based off of appearances about how they would like to look and what they would like to change about themselves. While others pig out by an open fireplace or sit back and watch television. Hopefully everyone loves their true selves and doesn’t want to change a thing with them and ignores whoever puts them down.