What is with this Weather

What is with this Weather

Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

Over the course of the year in places that can receive different weather conditions like snow, and other conditions, most are usually anticipating for the arrival of snow. Snow can be admired for how peaceful it falls to the ground and piles up to an event consisting of the family. Everyone seems to have a look out for any little drop of snow due to school closings for kids and reasons to stay home especially with the holidays upon us.

“I would like to have more snow so that way I can stay home from school due to snow days and sleep in.” Eighth-Grader Ethan Nelson. “The best part of winter is no mowing, I absolutely hate mowing, the worse part of winter is sports. There isn’t a lot of all year long sports that I have interest in for example baseball.”

“I think that the weather is a little bit bipolar to me because one day it’s nice and warm outside and then the next it is rainy and cold or just cold sometimes with sometimes without snow or sleet.” Nelson. “It’s hard to put summer clothes up and/or winter clothes up knowing that you might need them again in the next week or so.”

“I hate the weather here in West Virginia because of the simple fact that you never know what type of clothes you will need and that’s why I leave my clothes out, the winter and summer clothes. I actually do wear shorts in the winter due to the classes I have and the cold does not really faze me.” Nelson. “But I do hope that we get snow this year maybe about a foot or so of snow just like we have a few years ago but you never know with the weather area we live in.”