Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions Debunked


Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Every year, countless people begin new goals they plan to accomplish every year. Sometimes, they work out. Other times… not so much. This year, some of the top resolutions include:

1. Drink More Water

Yes, drinking water is very healthy, especially for a teenager. The problem is that the school doesn’t really provide water very openly. We may have water fountains and cups in the cafeteria, but you don’t really have the time to quench your thirst between every class.

2. Go on a Diet

Dieting is often difficult for teens, as their food supply relies on their parents’ food choices at the grocery store. However if students can convince their parents to diet with them, this resolution is definitely achievable!

3. Exercise

Exercise is fantastic for your body, and completely necessary. The only problem with this resolution is over-exerting yourself or even just getting too lazy to deal with it.

4. Read 

Reading is great for a growing mind. It brings in new perspective and proves to aid in development. However, many people over-estimate how much time they’ll have in the year. Starting with a goal of five to ten books is reasonable, but twenty-five when you haven’t read for fun in three years? Not the best idea…

5. Take up a New Hobby

Hobbies are awesome! Getting into new things keeps you on your toes, learning constantly. The problem is staying interested in this hobby after the year is up…