Study Tips for Finals

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Finals week. The week of terror. Cramming, studying, panicking. There seems to be no hope in sight. How can ou study better? How can you possibly pass the exams?


The first step is to clean off your table or desk. 

Yes, a table of desk. It’s been scientifically proven that studying in bed is completely counter-productive. You need to study in clean area that will not relax you and make you sleepy or bored as easily.


Set up some background music. 

Music often helps stimulate the brain-if it’s the right sort of music. No pop music, no bouncy music, no lyrics. Just background music. Something to help you focus.


Eat before you begin and during breaks.

Take breaks every half hour or so and be sure to eat to restore your energy and get your mind restored to prime condition.


Chew gum.

It’s proven that chewing the same flavor of gum while studying and testing can help you recall answers easier. Be sure to chew the same gum flavor during the exam!