West Virginia


Elizabeth Simmons

Hawk’s Nest 2018

lee, blake

West Virginia


The place that I know and love as home is West Virginia. Here in this state there is so much to do and see from hills to the vast bodies of water and streams.


What makes this state so great is that you can do almost everything. We have all the seasons here. We have winter, spring, fall, adn summer allowing us to enjoy everything. Like skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Swimming in the summer months and enjoying the sun. To watching the leaves change colors and fall in the Fall.


I love all the seasons but my favorite would probably be summer. Just for the fact that I do not have to go to school and enjoy the long sunny days. On the other hand winter is nice because you can watch the snow fall so peacefully for the sky.


Where we have all seasons I asked some one student how they felt about all the seasons here and he said “I enjoy all the different times of the year cause where I was born we only had summer”(Jake). That was a kid who was from Florida and moved to West Virginia due to his parents work and he has now fell in love with this state.


To conclude I just like to restate how wonderful West VIrginia is and always will be. This is a great place to live and grow up with there always being something to to and something new to see.