Chris Boswell Continues to Struggle Through Week 15


Hunter Niebergall, Sports

Chris Boswell has been struggling the whole 2018 season. Last year Boswell was picked for the Pro Bowl with a very clutch season. He had 5 game winning field goals in the 2017 season. With a total of 14 missed field goals all together. All Steeler fans are very disappointed in Boswell this season. Before the Patriots game that week, they held tryouts for kickers. Kai Forbath was their main guy and he is now on stand by with the Steelers. Boswell had a missed PAT against New England. Many thought right then and there that Boswell was a goner. Boswell did save his job for another week though by making the field goal to put the Steelers by seven.


Boswell was not the reason for the failings this year. The extreme disappointment of the Steelers faithful