lee, reporter



The year every student looks forward is here for me. The year I get to graduate and never have to go back to school after this year.


I have looked forward to this year every since I started attending school. I have always been bored and felt school was not allowing me to do what I want. And now the year has come that I no longer have to attend any schooling after I graduate.


Some people really enjoy school and learning about history and whatnot but me I prefer to learn about stuff that I can actually use in life outside of school. Because most stuff the school teaches you you’ll never use.


That is why I feel there should be more vocational classes in all schools starting in elementary schools. Because students can find out what they like to do at a young age and just keep learning about what interests them not what other make them learn. Cause if they care about what they do then they will apply themselves more.


I asked a fellow student about their opinion of school and they said “I love how school allows me to have more friends and enjoy new people but I hate having stupid classes” said Taya. This is a great example of what I am saying students would love learning about what they chose and still have the ability to hang out with their friends.


Overall I am just trying to say school is stressful place for some and others just do not want to do their work because they are not interested in what teachers make them do. That is why I think you should get a choice of what you want to learn and pursue in all educational places starting in elementary school.