Things to wear to a Christmas Party/Gatherings


Julianne LaFon , Reporter

Christmas is coming up so you now what that means, Christmas Party’s and Gatherings. Whether it’s with your family or with your friends these 5 items will make you look super festive.

The options include:

Ugly Christmas Sweaters- To show and give the fun and humor the Christmas season can bring, wear an ugly Christmas sweater and make everyone laugh.

Santa Hat- A Santa Hat is one of the most popular Christmas symbols, so by wearing the hat you will represent Christmas perfectly.

Santa/Reindeer Onesies- Wearing a Christmas onesie will make you look cute, be comfortable and warm, and looking festive

Pjs- Wearing Pjs is pretty much like wearing Christmas onesies but they don’t really have to be Christmas themed. You can wear cute Pj’s and be ready for bed, cute pictures, and Hot Chocolate to be able to watch the Polar Express.

Bell and Christmas Light Necklaces- Wearing a bell or Christmas light necklace not only will make you look like your in the Christmas spirit but will make you and everyone around you feel like Christmas is coming.