Senior Class Colors

Senior Class Colors

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Recently, all seniors came together and voted on the class colors for 2019, and there were some good choices, along with flowers, music, and quotes.

Having the choice to vote on class colors is a great tradition that many classes of the past have embraced and enjoyed every year, it’s interesting to see seniors use their own individual interests in what colors they like best and see what the common majority vote is.

Seniors, such as Brook Ferguson, has their opinions on taking part of the tradition for class colors.

There were four potential votes for colors to be selected, and Ferguson gave her opinion on the choices.

“I feel like they were practical. It would have been better if there was a wider selection to vote for,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson gave her opinion if class colors are important to a senior class.

“Yes, because they’re sentimental and that class will always be remembered because of the colors they chose,” said Ferguson.

In regards to Midland’s school colors, Ferguson was asked if standard school colors would be better or if she liked the ability to vote.

Out of the votes to choose from, Ferguson provided the colors she voted for.

“Out of the choices, I voted for the blush and grey, they seemed like the best fit,” said Ferguson.

Along with the colors, the vote on the class quote will be interesting to see as many seniors can look back at their class quote in their adult lives and remember their past experiences in high school.

Selecting senior class colors is always an interesting process to see in the past and in the future too. If one thing can be agreed on, senior classes are much easier to identify because of the colors they selected, and therefore making the colors special to them.