Final Exams


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

During the last week of the semester, it has all the students filled with excitement to begin their holiday break, however there is always one thing that students have to before the semester ends and that is final exams.

For most students, final exams are now a common routine for them in school, but as for the freshmen, it will be their first time taking finals in high school and throughout the rest of their years.

Many freshmen have different attitudes towards the exams, depending if they’re nervous, anxious, or it might not concern them.

Freshman Brandon Workman, has given his opinions and thoughts on his first time taking the exams.

Workman gave his general thoughts on the exams.

“Seems to me like a bunch of big tests crammed into one busy and exhausting week,” said Workman.

Final exams count fifteen percent of your overall grade and Workman expresses his view on it.

“Personally, I feel like fifteen percent is too much of your grade, because it could drop your grade fast if you do badly,” said Workman.

When asked if the exams are helpful to students going to colleges Workman answered.

“Yes, because in colleges they still do final exams, so it will be good practice for everyone,” said Workman.

Having a final in almost every class can be hard work, and Workman gave his reasons as to why there shouldn’t be finals in every class.

“Not every class should have exams, most electives shouldn’t give finals or exams that count, as more people should focus on their core classes,” said Workman.

In general, final exams means the end of a semester, and studying to achieve a good grade for the class, and in the future,  there might be a new policy or standards when it comes to the exams or how much they will continue to be worth.