SHIELD…. Super? Or Stupid?

Brennon Shope, Sports Editor

SHIELD class is a waste of time. Students are made to come to school at 730 in the morning, just to sit around for over half an hour doing nothing. The only possible positive is that it allows for students to do homework they hadn’t already done.If these students had just done this the night before it would not matter. Studies have proven that high school aged students do better when they have longer sleeping hours and start school later. So why, do we have SHIELD? You should be asking yourself this question. Spread your opinion, we don’t need SHIELD.


In my SHIELD class the most productive thing i have done all year was learn the new rules of UNO. My teacher is very strict on tardiness, so strict in fact, that she wrote me up when I was late to UNO class. What a joke. The inefficiency of SHIELD should be taken notice of, the morons who implement these policies obviously have never been to a public school, for if they had they would know this was doomed from the beginning. A good idea in thought, but in practice…an absolute disaster.