Are Tattoos in the Workplace a Bad Thing?

Are Tattoos in the Workplace a Bad Thing?

Summer Boling

For generations now tattoos have been treated as a taboo to the workplace, and generally treated as a negative thing. However, with 2019 approaching, it’s time to accept that what a person does with their body does not reflect their personal value, nor does it show anything about what they are qualified to do.

To equate someone to the tattoos on their skin is to value them based off nothing more than appearance, nothing more nothing less. This disregards any talents or strengths they may have, and instead allows for many great talents to go unrecognized.

What a person chooses to put on their body is not the business of the employer, even under the mindset that they are essentially “walking advertisements.” Regardless of any argument, the worker is still a person, who can offer more than just a smile.

Tattoos do not reflect ability, and often carry a personal value that shouldn’t be antagonized. A person should not be punished for what they hold close, and in the case where someone doesn’t have any sentiment to the ink on their skin, they have that choice.

The idea that they should be hidden is nothing more than close minded, the worker has the right to dress and do whatever they please to their body, regardless of company. The worker is more than just their appearance.