Should The Steelers Resign Le’veon Bell?

Should The Steelers Resign Leveon Bell?

Hunter Niebergall, Sports

In the 2018 season has carried his weight very well for the Steelers. Bell and Conner are a similar type of back. Conner if you would, has had a better season than Le’veon Bell. In my humble opinion, the Steelers should let Bell walk. They could get a key defensive player that is really needed. The Steelers need to be careful though, they need to make sure they be careful with the trade. if the right trade is not there I think they could refrain from trading him. The Steelers need to be patient and wait on the perfect trade. Almost all teams will look at Bell as a key player to add to their squad. Two main teams that will target Bell, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers better make sure they get what they want before the trade finalizes.