New Years Resolutions

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

Every end of the year we make these resolutions to better ourselves. I know I never follow through and neither does really anybody else. It’s kind of hard to motivate yourself to do things you aren’t use to so we always fall through. I know I’ve made resolutions in years past that I’m still disappointed in myself for not following through with. I sorta stopped making resolutions so that I wouldn’t beat myself up anymore for not going through with them. It is honestly a hard thing to do. I would say to stop making resolutions and to just promise yourself to be an even better version of yourself the following year then the last. Have you ever made a new years resolution? “Yes I have an obviously I never did it but it’s the thought that counts.” says senior Hailey Stombock. It’s going to be a new year soon many are going to have their lasts of things, their firsts of things, and new experiences. It’s a great thing if you think about it. It’s a fresh start. Some are graduating, having their last school dance or game, their first day of college, etc. It’s scary but it’s good. As a new year comes be thankful for the past year you lived for experiences, the old & new friendships/relationships, the mistakes, the lessons, etc. It’s all made us who we are and the new year is going to shape us just as much. Live your best life every year. Happy New Year.