Christmas Fever


Maddy Adkins, staff reporter

Most of the time, when you ask someone what their favorite holiday is, you usually get the same answer. Christmas, right? In 2015, studies show that 46% of United States citizens stated Christmas was their favorite, along with Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day.

Let’s start off with the history of Christmas. The birth of Jesus was not considered a holiday until church officials instituted it in the fourth century. Pope Julius I was the leader at the time that chose December 25th to be the set birthday even thougha date was never specified in the Bible. Although Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, some believe it is just a time to celebrate and feast over winter solstice. Others believe it is just a time of cheer and kindness with gift exchanges and family gatherings.

Speaking of gifts, sometimes it’s really hard to figure out the perfect gift to give someone. Whether the person you are giving a gift to has too expensive expectations for gifts or they don’t have a clue what they want, there’s one super easy solution. To become one of the best gift givers, all you have to do is listen. Get to know the person you are giving the present to. Know what they are into. Understand their likes and dislikes. Discover their hobbies and they will receive the perfect gift.

So, after all the Christmas this Christmas talk, what is your favorite holiday? Listening to all the jolly Christmas music? Knowing the true meaning of Christmas? Seeing all the decorative lights on every house on every street? Whatever it may be, just remember to stay jolly.