Teenage Pregnancy

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

It’s a real thing that goes on a lot more than we think. It’s tragic and it can really ruin a kids life. It will end your reputation and the rest of your teenage years because you have to grow up faster than you wanted to. We need to enforce more safety to prevent this and hope we are doing our best to prevent it. We have so much of our lives ahead of us so why would we want to skip half our young years for a simple and preventable thing. I asked a few friends what their views were on teen pregnancy. “If you’re responsible enough to open your legs you’re responsible enough to have a kid”, senior Hannah Rose. I agree with this because so many teens choose something that breaks my heart and that’s abortion. It would never even be an option for me because it’s killing a life and to me that’s not much different from murder. “I think people should try harder ro prevent it”, senior Chandler Call. If you aren’t safe with it then I don’t think you should do it if you can’t handle going through with the pregnancy.