Technology & Communication

Technology & Communication

Jared Pullen

Technology, as it is currently, plays a huge part in today’s society, yet people believe it could be the downfall of human communication.

Technology plays an integral part in society today. People use it all the time in their jobs, people use it at home for recreational purposes such as games or social media, and people use it to keep in touch with other people, such as grandparents or distant relatives. Yet, some people believe that the use of technology in our society kills face to face communication, with people always looking down at their phones, or people choosing to play games instead of socializing. This, in my and most other peoples opinions, is not the case.

“Technology does not stop communication,” says senior Troy Adkins, “Most people still prefer to go out and talk face to face.” This is one way to look at society, but there are other ways to see it too, with the use of technology.

“Not really,” says senior Traeven Shepherd, “since we do have apps such as Facetime and Skype, people can communicate virtually, yet face to face.”

Overall, most people who says technology kills communication don’t see the upsides to technology, in which one of them is communication face to face, virtually.