Tessa Spurlock

White Christmas

Lee Blake, reporter



People buy and fix cars all the time just to sell, but they don’t connect with what they build. I bought my first truck with my own money it was a 1982 Chevy K10.


I bought the truck stock and planned of fixing it up and keeping it forever. I started off by lifting it 6 inches and putting 35 inch tires on it. After that I put a new speakers in it so I could listen to music. Then I coated the underbody of the whole truck and frame and made it look good.


After a couple months my dad and I built a new motor and put in the truck so it would perform better. And boy did it ever after we tuned it up and got it goin. After that we regeared the axles with 4.11 gears to provide better power and torque to the wheels. I also went ahead and put bigger rims and new tires on the truck by this point to help change the look of the truck.


Then after me and my dad did all this work I found a guy wanting a truck like mine that I had built and I talked to the guy. He wanted mt truck and he wanted to trade me his jeep.


I looked over jeep and realized that the jeep was solid and in good condition and said i guess I can do this trade and the guy said great. I was sad to see my truck go since I had put so much work into it but I know I can always just build something new.


So no matter what you may build of customise their will always be someone out there who can appreciate what you have built or done and can see all the hard work you have put in.