Lee Blake, Reporter

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All my life I have loved anything with wheels and I could go fast on. Which is why I think I love bikes so much. I enjoy almost every type of bike Motorcycle, dirtbike, downhill bike, and many more.


Bikes are not just something you ride it is something you have to feel. You have to guide the bike as you ride it you can not just sit down and stear. You have to feel the bike as you go down the road or through the air.


After I learn how to ride a regular bike all i wanted was to ride more. I then go a dirt bike and loved it so much. I still to this day have a dirt bike and enjoy riding it. Since then I have went on to buy a Harley to ride on the roads and enjoy this great country.


A lot of the time bikers get a bad reputations for being careless but really it is the bad driver of the car who needs to be more careful behind the wheel. Always be on the lookout for a guy on a motorcycle.


If you have ever considered getting a bike get one they are a ton of fun and you will not regret it. Every time I go out I have a blast and sometimes I go out and ride with friends which makes the ride very enjoyable. Just remember always look out to motorcycles and other drivers when out and about.

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