Lee Blake, Reporter



Jeeps are a growing vehicle market for young adults and teens. The thing that people find most interesting about jeeps are that the are so easy to work on.


For example I took my whole jeep dash apart in about ten minutes. People also like jeeps because they are so compact and can go anywhere. Also they are super cheap and easy to lift.

And nowadays everyone wants a lifted vehicle. I asked a student what their opinion of Jeeps were and he said “I love Jeeps because i can go anywhere whenever I want in my Jeep”(Cameron Blizzard). Cameron and I are good friends are drive our jeeps around together and play in the mud and on different trails.


There are so many parts in the market right now to modify your Jeep. Weather that be with lights, color, lift, tires, or rims. The list goes on and on. That is why the Jeep market is so high.


I asked another fellow student what they thought about jeeps and they said “I love how easy they are to drive and use on and off road”(Thatrad10). If you are looking to get into the market of buying and flipping vehicles there is a very good chance you can make good money in jeeps or any 4×4 right now but mainly just jeeps.


Mainly I tell you this information to help you as a reader and as a person in the Jeep and 4×4 community.