Elizabeth Simmons

Hawk’s Nest 2018

Lee Blake, Reporter



People buy cars for all kinds of different reasons so buy cars to build so buy cars to have. I buy cars to enjoy in all aspects.


I love cars for what they are based on age engine size and body style based on year. A lot of people nowadays do not truly appreciate cars and all they have to show. Each car has a personality of its own and its own little unique things.


Some cars are made to go fast some are made to run of electricity. I personally prefer the fast ones cause you car race people and unlock the cars true potential. There is nothing better the hearing and feeling a race cars pure horsepower.


I asked some students how they felt about cars “I have cars I love how I can fix them and sell them for money” said John. That is very true you can always find a car that needs fix and flip it for a profit.


Project cars are a great way to spend free time and lean about cars. There is no better feeling the completely rebuilding a engine and hearing it run and feeling it perform on the track or road. With cars there is so much to learn and figure out, but once you do then you feel a great sense of accomplishment.


I feel like everyone should build at least one car or truck in their lives just to see how there car that they get into everyday works and to truly understand the functions a car goes through to get them from point A to point B.