Gun Control


Jared Pullen

Generally, the topic of gun control is a very controversial one, a topic that can split family and friends apart, and can leave you with enemies just by saying you are for one side or the other.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and that is no different for the topic of gun control. Generally, people call for harsher gun control to keep out of criminal hands. While, on the other hand, people for the other side say that harsher gun control won’t keep guns out of criminal hands, but out of the hands of those who legally get guns. I had asked two others, should gun control be implemented and, if yes, how.

“No, we don’t need more gun control,” says senior Troy Adkins, “since we already have enough gun laws as is. There’s nothing more we can do to keep it out of criminal hands.”

“No,” says senior Traeven Shepherd, “since it is our freedom to own guns as we please, as long as it is legally obtained.”

Although most people that are for gun control say that the 2nd Amendment was for the weapons of their era, they planned out the Constitution for the future of America. The people have a right to own a weapon if they please, in my opinion.